2019. godine organizovan je program proslave 20. godina udruženja CEDEUM kroz radionice i predavanja.

CEDEUM TWENTY: Stig Erikson workshop, Norway

The White Bear of King Valemon"

was held on Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 6 p.m. in the "Stari Grad" cultural institution. 23 participants took part in the three-hour free workshop.

The process drama workshop takes as its starting point the Norwegian folk tale "The White Bear of King Valemon". The workshop was primarily intended for drama pedagogues, teachers as well as artists. The story itself, which can find its equivalent in other traditions and countries, is similar in content to the story "Beauty and the Beast". It deals with the theme of initiation of the main female character, her transformation and maturation, as well as the transition from child to woman. The themes that appear in the story are seen in correlation with the present moment, and the world in which our young people are maturing.

CEDEUM TWENTIETH: Lecture by Mark Čarni and Kori Norman from the USA

Cultivating the importance of theater through community activism" The lecture with a video presentation was held at the Magacin Cultural Center in Kraljevića Marka 4, June 21.

In the lecture, Mark and Kori explained how educators and theater can contribute to the growth of the audience, and how they can recognize and direct the needs of the community in which they operate. They presented the Festival that they organize in the small town of Lubeck, Texas, in which plays are played in atypical spaces, and during which the entire community lives for the theater.


The sci art workshop was held on CEDEUM's birthday itself, October 29. in the Cultural Institution "Stari grad". The workshop was led by our members Nikola Koruga and Kristina Mlađenović. The workshop was followed by a small celebration cocktail.