Performances of the festival “Mater Terra” (lat. “mother earth”deal with subjects from the field of  ecology and ecology of the soul.

The festival is conceived as a place of exchange, presentations of the work of drama sections and groups as well as the possibility of expert advice for all those teachers, professors, artists and drama pedagogues who, like us, believe that drama processes and the theater itself can positively influence personal growth, as well as the development of society and the world in which we live.            

The festival is uncompetitive and the idea is to serve as a place for the support and development of drama groups and studios. On the main day of the festival, after each block of performances, discussions are held where young participants, their teachers and drama pedagogues, the audience, parents, as well as the expert team of the festival exchange opinions about the performances, give comments and openly discuss processes and problems. Leaders of drama groups receive a written evaluation from the expert team, which serves as a guideline for their further work.

All participants of the Festival are recipients of "Ecological stars", awards for spreading messages of nobility and ecology through theatrical expression, and "Ecological roadmaps" were received by those organizations and individuals whose contribution enabled the Festival to develop.

It is planned that this city festival will be nomadic, ie that every year another Belgrade municipality hosts its participants in its cultural center and schools. The festival is realized in cooperation with the Association of Artistic Utopia and is an accredited program of the international association IDEA.

"Ecology of the soul" is a new phrase that for us implies healthy and developed interpersonal relationships, openness and acceptance of the other and different, developing empathy and activating solidarity and support. We insist that the Festival is non-competitive, because we are trying to establish new relationships and small islands of a different and fairer value system that children and young people should familiarize themselves with, and adopt as an alternative to the current prevailing system of competition, buying and selling, apathy and indifference to others and for our nature and the planet in general.”       


Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, author of the concept and artistic director of the Festival                                                      

So far, the team of experts has included:

Ljubica Beljanski Ristić (CEDEUM), Diana Kržanić Tepavac, (ASSITEJ Serbia), Boris Čakširan (ERGstatus), Tatjana Pajović (POD Teatar) Dragana Koruga (CIP), Sunčica Milosavljević (BAZAART), Bojana Škorc (FLU/Zdravo da ste), Minja Bogavac (Bitef/E8), Marko Pejović (Hajde da…) Paul Murrey (drama pedagogue and actor) i Ksenija Krnajski (theater director), Marta Keler, (actress), Eldar Zubčević, (actor), Maja Mitić, (actress), Nenad Radović (drama pedagogue and actor), Ana Popović (director), Jelena Paligorić Sinkević (playwright), Dina Radoman (director), Sanja Krsmanović Tasić (CEDEUM/IDEA/Hleb teatar)

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