Erazmus+ K2 Project „R.U.In?“ included the implementation, monitoring, research and improvement of already existing programs of Theater in Education (TIE-Theatre in Education), which aim to prevent and suppress peer violence in schools. Project holders-coordinator: Open Circle Asociation, Hungary. Partners in the project: Sigma Art (Romania), TheatreETC (Cyprus) and CEDEUM (Serbia).

In the first phase of the project, colleagues from Hungary were developing the program „Nerd“, colleagues from Romania "Long Way Downhill", colleagues from Cyprus „Remove the power“ and CEDEUM was developing the project „Togetherness“ with the play "Backpack" and the musical "Words of Stone" co-produced and realized by Hleb Theater from Belgrade. The play "Backpack" deals with peer and physical violence and is intended for children and young people from the fifth to the eighth grade of elementary school, and the musical "Words of Stone" deals with cyber violence and is aimed at teenagers.

The first phase of the project included the implementation of 35 workshop performances in elementary schools (in Belgrade, the schools "Vuk Karadžić" and "Ljuba Nenadović" were included, from V to VIII grades) during the 2016/17 school year, as well as research into the effectiveness of workshops in combating peer violence.

The second phase of the project, which was implemented in the 2017/18 school year, included work on a new form of work under the influence of the exchange of knowledge and methodologies at the training meeting, as well as the application of the new methodology during 15 new workshops in schools. The performance of the new methodology is investigated, and compared with the first results. It was decided that the new cycle will deal exclusively with the topic of cyber violence.

"Togetherness", as a pilot project, was launched in June 2016, where the realization of dramatic scenes in schools and workshops were carried out by the artists of Hleb Theater and ApsArt, organized by CEDEUM.

The project was presented at the 17th Bitef Polyphony 2016, at the workshop cycle of the LOTREK BAZAART project, as well as within the May conference of BAZAART in the Children's Cultural Center of Belgrade. In November 2017, the PUŠ Symposium was organized as part of the Mater Tera Festival with the theme "Innovative dramatic methods in the prevention of peer violence".