Bitef Polyphony 2022

This years Bitef Polyphony will be held from September 25 to 30 under the slogan 'Into new work challenges!'

You can find the complete program of Bitef Polyphony on the website of Bitef Festival .

Tickets are not sold. We enroll those interested for each program on the list until the places are filled. Send applications with contact details, first and last name, chosen program and number of seats to:

The role of artists in working with young people in times of crisis was the topic of the first Polyphony in 2000. Bitef's slogan that year was "Theatre and evil", and Polyphony joined it with its "Play against violence", opening a process that will develop a recognizable polyphonic concept and break thematically and always re-actualize and intertwine with the new challenges of the world in which we live and now we enter into dialogue, with this crisis year 2022. 

Continuing to discover, present and review innovative, creative and participatory workshop-performance practices and program concepts in relation to the current role of artists in working with children and young people, this year the focus of Bitef Polyphony is the role and place of the theater institution in society and the world today and the offer of "accompanying programs" fueled by performances in the repertoire, which initiate a dialogue with all the changes and hot topics brought about by everyday life and new crises, conflicts and migrations, pandemics and environmental problems, violence and new wars... 
With the twenty-third Bitef Polyphony, we follow the fifty-sixth Bitef slogan "We are the heroes of our work" and as experienced fighters for innovative, participatory and creative rights in work with and for children and young people, we enter "New work challenges" of discovering the possibilities of theater for good versus evil and the pressures of reality, on which we comment with the language of art and open questions of our own actions. 
What and how do theater artists and other creators and experts in culture, education and social activism do for that good and creative now and here and for the future of the generations that inherit us, whether and how they themselves change and introduce changes in their actions, work and working relationships in the processes they lead? 
Following the thematic axis of the Bitef festival, which is particularly related to the issue of work and the right to work, Bitef Polyphony introduces the issue of the right of young authors to work and children's right to their activity and co-authorship in the theater game, in the world of art, in culture, in everyday life, as well as the question of the need for full participation and a life filled with positive incentives, openness and creation, not pressure, closure and destruction. 
We enter into new work challenges with a special mission to provide enough time and space for meetings of authors and co-authors participating in the Bitef Polyphony program, which offers interactive presentations, a performance in focus, dialogue platforms on the topics and methods of work, as well as research on the cultural offer, cultural participation, cultural heritage, dialogic culture and the idea of ​​the right to a democratic culture in joint action for the values ​​of life.

Program concept: Ljubica Beljanski Ristić
Program team: Ana Konstantinović, Tanja Šljivar, Ana Marjanović Shane, Aleksandra Jelić, Jelena Gavrić, Diana Kržanić Tepavac, Milena Bogavac, Uroš Ranković, Milana Zarić, Maša Vukanović, Irena Ristić & Lidija Antonović
Producent: Mirjana Žarković
Contributors: Tatjana Vasiljević, Slađana Bušić, Tijana Đorđević, Nemanja Dragaš, Nikola Ilić
Program support: CEDEUM & IDEA
ASSITEJ Srbija & ASSITEJ International
Partners in program implementation: Cultural institution "Parobrod", Small Theater "Duško Radović" and the Institute for the Study of Cultural Development
Implementation of the program: Polyphony theater in co-production with Bitef theater