Final multiplier event for I-TAP-PD project

In late June and early July, we met in Athens to discuss, expand and celebrate the Erasmus+ project I-TAP-PD — International Partnership of Teachers and Artists for Professional Development. The title of the three-day conference was "Sustainable models of Teacher - Artist Partnerships (TAP) in 21st century Education: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity", and its goal was to present the central ideas of the entire project.

Guided by the questions we dealt with during the previous three years as part of the project — Who are we? What can we do together? — we structured our speeches, special interest groups, workshops, activities - on the identity of artists in education, the identity of teachers in the creative process and their interaction. We presented the training material and resulting research from the creative journey of the I-TAP-PD project, which offered a unique opportunity for teachers and artists to explore the nature and educational value of partnerships in support of professional and personal development.

Educators and artists from all over Europe, with a lot of knowledge and experience in various fields of art, teachers, artists, practitioners, researchers, hybrids and others, shared examples of good practice, research, ideas and experiences in formal and informal educational contexts.

Nakon jako važnih uvodnih govora i predavanja, posebne interesne grupe (SIG) preciznije su govorile o modelima saradnje i partnerstva nastavnika i umetnika (TAP) — predstavljeni su primeri dobre prakse, obrazovne politike u umetničkom obrazovanju, istraživanje o partnerstvu nastavnika i umetnika, kreativnosti i nadarenosti… Učestvovali smo u radionicama o plesu i pokretu, plejbek teatru, vizuelnim umetnostima… Uživali smo u predstavi pozorišta lutaka, interaktivnim događajima i umrežavanju sa kolegama iz različitih kreativnih disciplina.

The final multiplier event of the I-TAP-PD project in Athens was an event attended by 130 people from 6 countries — Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Serbia, Germany, Great Britain — and the participants used the opportunity to express and share their passion, their knowledge , their connections and concerns for arts in education and for partnerships in any educational context.

It could be said that this event acted as the birthplace of new ideas, new connections and future partnerships and projects.

Photos: Fotis Kolokithas i Piro Cardha