Be Active, Be a Citizen project concludes

The Be Active, Be a Citizen (BeAC) project, dedicated to fostering critical thinking skills among youth aged 15 to 24 in disadvantaged neighborhoods, proudly announces the successful completion of its mission. Aimed at combatting discrimination, prejudice, and social isolation hindering active citizenship, the project has culminated in a robust set of resources tailored to empower and engage this demographic.

The BeAC initiative was a concerted effort to equip young individuals facing multifaceted challenges with the tools to become proactive contributors to their communities. Over the project duration, it focused on developing and implementing targeted training resources to foster critical thinking among adolescents and young adults, enabling them to navigate societal complexities and participate meaningfully in civic life.

The key tangible outcomes of the project are:

  1. Be Active, be a Citizen Workshop Programme This innovative program, rooted in the Philosophy for Community (P4C) methodologies, was designed to empower youth through engaging workshops that stimulate critical thinking and foster active citizenship.
  2. Artful Thinking Workshops:: These specialized workshops were tailored for adolescents and young adults, leveraging the power of art to cultivate critical thinking and encourage civic engagement among disadvantaged groups.
  3. BeAC Photo Challenge:: An engaging outreach initiative aimed at promoting active citizenship, leveraging the impactful medium of photography to encourage reflection and participation among marginalized youth.
  4. Youth Worker Training: A comprehensive training module focusing on teaching critical thinking through philosophy and art, equipping youth workers with the necessary skills to effectively engage and empower disadvantaged youth.

The BeAC project marks a significant milestone in addressing the challenges faced by marginalized youth, providing them with essential tools to navigate societal barriers and actively participate in shaping their communities. The collaborative efforts of educators, youth workers, and community stakeholders have resulted in a comprehensive resource kit poised to make a lasting impact.

The project's success is a testament to the collective dedication and collaborative spirit of all involved partners, supporters, and stakeholders.

For more information about the Be Active, Be a Citizen project and its resources, please visit BeAC website..

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